Weight loss facts you need to know

Move over Play Station and Xbox, mountain biking is taking over my “Me Time”. Looking for a thrill? Out of shape?  We recommends mountain biking as the new form of fun and excitement that has an added weight loss benefit. If you are serious about weight loss then read on.

Mountain biking is a fun and enjoyable way to feel better, improve your health and to lose weight at the same time. Riding down the local fire trail or through a park not only helps you to relax, lifts your spirit and can reduce the risk of serious conditions such as heart disease, high blood pressure and obesity.  If you are looking to lose weight through biking you will find the tips in this article helpful and informative

mountain bike

What is Healthy weight loss.

In fact, there are some fast weight loss methods out there but you often find you may gain the weight back easily.If you want to lose weight healthily, then perhaps losing one to two pounds( .45 to 1 Kg )  a week is for you.    If you really want permanent weight loss, it is far better to go for an option that allows for healthy weight loss. One of the most important things you need to consider is the source of what you eat. Does most of your food come out of a jar, box or bag or do they resemble something that grew?  The best diets are ones rich in whole foods and contain few processed foods – eat fresh its best.

BMR and Weight Loss

The first thing you need to work out is your daily Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR),  Choose a BMR calculator that uses sex, height, weight, and age to determine your BMR, if it incorporates an activity level calculator even better.  There are plenty of calculators available online.  When I calculated my BMR, I needed 2200 Calories per day to maintain my weight.  I set a goal to lose 1 lbs (.45 Kg) per week,  which left me at about 1800 Calories per day which is actually equates to reasonable amount of healthy food.

How Much Exercise Do You Need

The second thing you need to know is that to lose weight you need to exercise at a moderate level for at least 45 minutes five times a week.  Do not try to do too much too soon.  It is best to slowly increase your exercise conditioning over several weeks rather than burn yourself out by over stressing unconditioned muscles.  For the first three to four weeks, I recommend that any beginner should start  out  by  doing a 15 minute aerobic workout  three times each week and gradually increasing the duration by five minutes each week and the frequency by one day each week.

Research has shown that you need to exercise at a moderate intensity for a minimum of 45 minutes to burn fat, any less and the fat remains in storage. The reason behind this is that as you get closer to your anaerobic threshold you burn more carbohydrates and less fat. When you ride at your aerobic threshold you burn more fat. So riding at moderate intensity on a long ride maximizes fat burn.

Weight loss Double Whammy

Remember – For optimal weight loss you need to either lower your calorie intake or increase your exercise.  A useful guideline to lose weight is to lower your calorie intake between 500 to 1000 calories below your maintenance level.  Research shows that it takes 3500 calories to burn 1 lb (.5Kg) of fat.  The great thing about mountain biking is that you can burn around 800 calories per hour.

On weekends, I take the kids out riding and average one long off road ride 2-3 hours and several shorter rides, when we need to run errands we use the bikes rather that the car.   On an average weekend I am able to create a 4000 calorie deficit, while having fun with my kids.  Remember you still have your basic 1500-2000 calories for basic activities. When I started riding, I was amazed that changing a few things like eating fresh non processed food, riding my bike and avoiding sugars made such a huge difference to my weight loss.

If you are looking to lose weight cycling, then jump on your bike and leave your worries and stress at home. Most people lose weight from the bottom to the top.  So if you want to lose weight from your stomach, get into mountain bike riding its easy and fun. Remember to set realistic goals: aim to lose weight slowly and healthily. Weight loss does not happen overnight and it takes consistent exercise and proper eating.

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Choosing the Right Surveillance and Security Cameras

Installing security cameras for surveillance purposes used to be seen only in store chains, business establishments, and gated communities. However, their use has gotten more widespread that they are also now used in homes and offices. Indeed, video surveillance cameras have served their purpose and are quickly turning into a necessity.

Those who wish to invest in surveillance cameras for their home, store, or office should can make the most of their investment by choosing the right type of camera to use. By using the type of camera designed for your needs, you can experience a deeper level of security and safety.

Before heading out to the market to buy security cameras, here are some things you might want to know about these security devices:

  • Take note that security cameras vary in terms of appearance, flexibility of set up, security and surveillance features, and of course, price. Considering these factors and knowing your needs will help you in choosing which one fits your needs.
  • You can go for fake surveillance cameras. These are made to look like an actual surveillance video camera in order to deter suspicious individuals from executing any malicious plans because they would assume they are being watched. The benefit for choosing this type of camera is, therefore, prevention. The downside to choosing this type of camera is that it won’t record anything in case something does actually happen.
  • You can purchase covert surveillance cameras. These are cameras designed to look like any regular items in your home or office, which will make them less noticeable. Thus, no one within the scope of the camera’s range is aware that they are already being recorded, which makes it really effective for security monitoring and crime investigations.
  • You may also buy wireless/wired security cameras, depending on your preference or needs. Wireless cameras offer more flexibility in terms of finding a place to set it up. In addition, it is very easy to install and you won’t have to worry when moving it around. Wired cameras, on the other hand, are a bit more complex to work with so you need to find a permanent location for this type of camera before you begin setting it up.
  • For night surveillance, you can buy night vision cameras. The use of night vision technology enables the recording to clearly capture any movement or activities on the camera even in low light conditions. Hence, it is perfect not only for use during night although that is when this is most beneficial as criminal activities also typically happen during nighttime.

Do not wait before something or someone invades your security and safety at home or in the office. Make sure you buy security cameras that will serve as your eyes and ears while you have your guard down.

Types of Ice Maker You Should Consider

Food business service is familiar with icemakers. However, there are too many configurations and styles available for it. It is important to understand the types of ice make available and find the best one for your business.

Three Basic Styles of Ice Maker

There are three basic styles of icemakers. They are Modular or Ice Machine Head, Undercounter Ice Makers, and Countertop Ice Dispenser or Makers. Modular Ice Machine is designed to sit on top of an ice machine bin. An ice machine dispenser or a soda dispenser is designed of it too. The range of ice output with this machine is from 250 lbs. per day to more than 1000 lbs. per day. It is commonly available in 22”, 30” and 48” widths.

ice types

Under counter Ice Machine is suitable for small cafes, bars, or business. Every requirement that does not need too much ice will suitable with this machine. These icemakers combine the ice machine with a storage bin. It is fitted under most 40” high counters. The ice output is about 350 lbs. per day. In addition, for Countertop Ice Dispenser or Maker, it is very common to find in health care settings. It could be become dispenser too. Although it has a small bin, it can produce up to 400 lbs. of ice per day. It can dispense nugget style ice that easier to chew.

Types of Ice from Different Ice Makers

Icemakers can produce a different type of ice. Therefore, it would be better for you to know the type of ices too. The first is Cube Ice, and it is the most common ice type. It melts slower and can reduce customer ice consumption. Another type of ice is nugget ice. It is slow melting and most common in health care industry. It is softer and easy to chew than cubed ice. The last ice type is Flake Ice. It is small and soft flakes. It is cool rapidly and mold to any shape. It is used mainly in ice displays for seafood, meat, and fish. In addition, it also suitable on salad bars and in blended drinks.

It would be better for you to know the compressor types too. Air-cooled, water cooled, and remote cooled. It also any differences between ice machine sizing for new business, replacement ice machine, and for everyone. You have to notice about it. When you use multiple ice machines, you can see it is easier to supply all your ice and it is cost effective too. Consider using several smaller machines, this machine type will help you a lot. You have to consider that your icemaker should have sanitary ice buckets and ice bin scoops. It is because of these two products are hand in hand. You can use this item to move the ice from bin to other locations. Make sure your employees use them rather than using cups or hands. To get the best deal about the price of each icemaker, you can visit the related website.

What is a Reverse Osmosis Water System?

Reverse osmosis (RO) is a method to filter large molecules and ions by means of application of pressure to the material, usually a solution, placed on one side of a selective membrane. The result of this process is that a solute remains on the pressurized side of the selective membrane while the solvent passes the selective membrane. The term selective membrane means that the material used should filter or not permit such large molecules or ions through it, but only the smaller ones to flow freely to the other side of it. Such membrane is porous but its pores are tiny to allow only the desired molecules.

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The most common application of reverse osmosis is for purification of drinking water. As for example, seawater is filtered by removing the salt and other substances and the remaining product is water itself. This is actually the reverse process of osmosis. Osmosis is the process wherein solvent flows by diffusion through some semipermeable membrane from a lesser concentration to greater concentration until the concentration is balanced. The contrary process is referred to as reverse osmosis or the flowing of solvent from more concentration to lesser one. This reverse process cannot be done without the application of external pressure. ro-system

Reverse osmosis can be likened to membrane filtration with only few distinctions. In membrane filtration, the most common mechanism for filtration is straining or excluding particles of unwanted size regardless of other parameters like flowing pressure and concentration of the solution. On the other hand, reverse osmosis employs a diffusive process that ensures that the separation of unwanted molecules is effectively filtered and dependent on the solute concentration, the rate of water flux, and pressure.

Reverse Osmosis Filter and Filtration

In reverse osmosis, the filter employed is commonly composed of a material which is polyamide-based and has a relatively small pore size and biologically and chemically immune to tearing apart. The major advantage of reverse osmosis process is that the small pores act to restrict almost all organic matter like bacteria from flowing to the filtered and finished product. Reverse osmosis is likewise efficient in filtering inorganic salts and minerals leaving the finished product to be free of pathogens that causes waterborne diseases.

With the known advantages and benefits of reverse osmosis, this process, however, admits of some disadvantages. One is that small molecules may be able to pass through the relatively small pores with water. These small molecules may be of harmful component like chlorine, pesticides or herbicides. In order to remedy this, a second filter is necessary. This second filter may be carbon filter as said filter is effective in removing chlorine, pesticides, or herbicide residues. Reverse osmosis at the first stage and carbon filtering at the second stage provide a clean and safe drinking water.

Home Reverse Osmosis Background Info

Reverse osmosis systems are available whether for residential or commercial use. Residential systems vary in quality and cost as compared to the industrial systems. Provided herein are the tips before one should consider buying one. Reverse osmosis process produces large amount of waste water and may add stress to sewerage systems. Such waste water must also be addressed properly as they contain the contaminants filtered by the system and may provide environmental issues. There are attempts to reclaim the waste water but futile. Such waste water should not also be used to water gardens as the contaminants may be absorbed by the vegetables and end up into our bodies once ingested.

Reverse osmosis systems for industrial applications, however, produce less wastewater. The downside of this is that the efficiency of the system is compromised and contaminants may be passed on to the drinking water. Also, the filters cannot remove chemical compounds like chlorine or THMs. Various samples from food and drinks globally show some contaminants that are not removed by the filter. This is now the growing concern of most homeowners.

Due to the same disadvantages of residential and industrial filtering methods, bottled water may not be as clean as that with the by-product of a well-designed home water purification system.

With carbon filtering along with reverse osmosis filtering, harmful chemicals can be removed. These harmful chemicals attaches to the granules or solid blocks of carbon. Also, elements like lead and copper residues are also filtered by the carbon blocks. Using sub-micron filters, parasitic cysts can be filtered. Such filter systems are available and affordable now for household consumers. In contrast with industrial reverse osmosis, household water purification system are noiseless and takes less space.


Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment/Advantages & Disadvantages


In ancient times, people don’t need to filter their drinking water. This is due to less pollution and less population. Now that industries are common, pollutants are present in the air, land, and water. These pollutants and waste materials contaminate the source of drinking water. With such problem, it is imperative that water undergoes purification and filtering before making it available for drinking purposes. A filtering technique which is quite common in household is that which is attached directly to the nozzle of faucets to filter sand and other large particles. Another is the reverse osmosis filter. This kind of filter removes minerals from water. In addition to minerals, harmful elements like arsenic and lead are also removed.

However, there is a need to replace constantly the filter in order not to affect the water quality. There are, however, some disadvantages. Filtered water has a flat taste because the minerals in it are removed. Also, the process wastes a large amount of water. As for example, in order to achieve a gallon of clean water as by-product, there are about three to nine gallons of water that must end up wasted in the process. This poses an environmental concern as most water is wasted and such waste water is already contaminated to be recycled or reusing such would be a high risk to health. Another downside is that the filtering process consumes a lot of time. With very little output or product, and a large volume of wasted water, many are thinking of other alternative or process to have clean drinking water.

The Drinking Water Filter – A Must Have Filtration Device

Consider a drinking water filter if you interested in clean, fresh and delicious water. In fact, the best way to ensure that you have clean and pure water at home is via drinking water filters and our online merchants can definitely help you find the right one for you and your family.

Benefits of a Home Filtration Unit

Perhaps you are wondering what the benefits of a filtration system are? If you are like most consumers you have purchased bottled water at some time in the past. This generally costs anywhere from $.69 to $2.00 or more per eight ounces. Did you know that you can save hundreds each year using a home water filter system instead?

There are many filtration devices available for use in the home, all which adequately filter and provide safe drinking liquid with little investment. You literally can choose from more than a dozen different types of treatment methods. Two of the more common systems used as filters include the following:

  • Carbon – filters contaminants to help improve taste, odor and color. Generally purifies organic chemicals present.
  • Reverse Osmosis – provides purification from microbes, nitrates, lead and other harmful elements. Liquid is pumped via purifiers that remove salt, minerals and other impurities. This type of filtration system filters almost all impurities.

Selecting the Best Treatment

Choosing between the many systems available can be challenging. Depending on your consumption you may find a simple filter will suffice for your drinking needs. Generally the more drinking water you need to provide the more powerful filtration system you should invest in.

Reverse Osmosis System

Often heard about but rarely understood, reverse osmosis is a method of filtering liquids, most often water. Reverse osmosis can purify water for a variety of uses. Here, we’ll clue you in on how this process actually works.

The Basics

Osmosis is the process of filtering tiny molecules in a solution through a membrane, or filter. This filter’s holes are microscopic, allowing certain molecules to pass through while leaving others behind. A great example would be a container of salt water. When regular osmosis occurs, water molecules flow through the membrane or filter, leaving larger salt molecules behind. The result is pure and drinkable water, derived from salty water unsuitable for drinking.

Reverse osmosis is just what it sounds like – osmosis, reversed. Since osmosis is a naturally occurring phenomenon, caused by water molecules’ desire to equalize themselves, in order to cause reverse osmosis some outside influence is required. This comes in the form of pressure, which can be applied in a variety of different ways.

Pressurizing the water (or any solution) and forcing it through a membrane will filter out certain molecules in the same way that osmosis does, simply in reverse. Since reverse osmosis can be accomplished with outside help, instead of waiting around for water to take its natural course of action, it’s a much more applicable process for filtering large amounts of water.

Buying a best reverse osmosis system​ for your home to ensure your water is clean and safe !!!

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Top headphones 2015

If you are travelling from one place to other, the headphone can prove very useful for you.  There are many brands and types of headphone on the market, so it's difficult to choose the best headphone for you. I will recommend the top 4 best headphones on the market in 2015 based on customer's reviews.

1. Sennheiser HD280 Pro Headphones

A pair of top headphones 2015 can make a difference, letting you enjoy your favorite tracks and movies to a high quality standard. The Sennheiser brand doesn`t need an introduction when it comes to quality sound. One very highly regarded pair of headphones is the Sennheiser HD280 Pro which can produce a memorable experience every time you put them on. The Best Sennheiser Headphones review will analyze and find out why it is so well received and talked about.

They have a classic Sennheiser look with an all black cast. They are lightweight, coming in at just 10 ounces and have ear cushions which are made from high quality leatherette. These features make them very comfortable to wear even if you are out with your iPod or Mp4 Player. They form a closed-ear environment that can withstand up to 32 db of outside noise so your movie or music experience won`t be bothered by unwanted outside intervention. They have a 10-foot coiled cable so you can find your best position to watch a flick or even dance around a bit to some awesome tracks. The Best Sennheiser Headphones deals are different depending on the shop or site you get them from, but most of the time they are between 90$ and 120$.

Quite often you can find the Best Sennheiser Headphones discounted making them even more attractive if you think the price is a bit high. At the end of the cable they have an 1/8-inch miniplug and also an 1/4-inch adapter if you have a home stereo system. When viewing a movie the sound that is recreated by the HD280 Pro is very natural and intense with every detail very well articulated.

The compact and stylish design of these headphones makes it the most portable headphone set on the market.

For music the sound is of great quality as well, with a very powerful and distinct bass line. You can play music as loud as you like because the earpieces are sealed, meaning you won`t disturb anyone in the room, the sound is just for yourself. The Best Sennheiser Headphones ratings from users have been nothing short of perfect because they create such a wonderful movie atmosphere and a unforgetable music experience.

The HD280 Pro are loved by all for being such a quality product that performs at very high standards. And I didn`t even mention that they are very easy to transport thanks to the foldable design (the earpieces being collapsable). It doesn`t matter which type of music you listen to as the sound is flawless, you can be into classical music, hip-hop, EDM, rock, anything and they will perform just as well. If you have the opportunity to get the Best Sennheiser Headphones then you shouldn`t pass it up because they are a fantastic choice that can realy upgrade your music and movie experience.

2. Sony MDR-V6

The MDR-V6 headphones from the world famous brand Sony have long been the headphone of choice for many people, including experts, and they are also accompanied by a competitive price tag. After reading several reviews of this product (including this one right here!), you are sure to find that the Sony MDR-V6 is, without a single doubt, the big dog in this category, and that the very high Sony MDR-V6 ratings are certainly justifiable. With the MDR-V6, you get very responsive headphones, with excellent highs, crisp midrange as well as awesome bass.

Not like the other headphones that are available on the market, the bass in the MDR-V6 does not break at 40 to 50 hertz. As a matter of fact, it would be difficult, if not, impossible to get just that in a moderately priced headphone set. This particular Sony headphone also has 40mm drivers which you would not normally find in headphones that are in the mid price range. The 40mm drivers deliver excellent sound, which can be likened to that of, for instance, an iPod. There is no need for a headphone amplifier just to obtain excellent sound. The drivers power up the sound in a way that many other headphones in its class cannot imitate.

The Sony MDR-V6 offer a bass that is deep as well as punchy. Of course, there are other headphones out there that can provide you with more stomping bass, however, the Sony MDR-V6 have the finest bass response ever for headphones. You can find the Sony MDR-V6 for sale in many popular retail websites.

When it comes to durability, you can absolutely rely on the Sony MDR-V6.

The headphone set boasts a very solid and sturdy structure as well as design. The ear pads may wear out rather easily when used regularly and continuously; however, replacements are very easy to find and are actually dead cheap, so there is not much of a problem in that aspect.

The Sony MDR-V6 are extremely comfortable headphones. Their enclosed design really surrounds the ear pretty well and also does a great job of blocking out noise from the outside world. They might even get you into some mess by not being able to hear your phone ring ; however, it is an excellent way to suppress external noise as well as get deeply lost into the music, movie or game. If you want to find the Sony MDR-V6 discounted in price, it is highly recommended that you shop for the product online.

Yet another great thing about the MDR-V6 is the fact that they are highly portable. They are collapsible, easy to store and pack, and the attached wire is also pretty tough – ideal for traveling!

The Sony MDR-V6 offers top notch performance and durability and a touch of elegance. Go and look now for Sony MDR-V6 deals. You are certainly not going to be disappointed investing in this device.

3. Beat Solo

Looking at the Beats Solo for the very first time, you can easily understand why many people are actually dying to have a pair. To begin with, the Beats Solo are one of the most aesthetically pleasing and stylish headphones that are available on the market these days. As a matter of fact, this is not the only Beats Solo review where you will find such a statement. The headphones have a matte finish that is very stylish!

There is a respectable amount of cushioning on both the ear pads and headband, making the headphones very comfy to wear even for extended periods of time. The headband is also adjustable (you just slide it in order to adjust the size) and has a sturdy, mechanical sense to it, as well as locks to secure it into place. The articulated pivot arrangement that fixes the ear cups onto the headband offers a great level of freedom; hence you are well able to move the headphones around a bit while wearing them on your head. You can find the Beats Solo for sale in many stores nationwide.

The Beats Solo are a bit thin; however, not to the point that you have to worry about durability. While the Beats Solo are pretty thin and very light, they are, without a single doubt, one tough piece of equipment, which justifies the very high Beats Solo ratings. One excellent feature of this particular headphone set is its unique folding system, which allows you to niftly fold the device in order to place it in to the included neoprene carrying case (another cool addition by the way), something which is now being mimicked by other manufacturers of headphones.

Yet another carefully planned aspect of the device, in particular, is the detachable cable or, to be more precise, cables. The “main” cable is a bit chunky; however, it is still exceptionally flexible. The second cable, on the other hand, aside from having connectors, has a built-in microphone and in line remote, that can be utilized with the iPhone as well as other compatible gadgets. The inclusion of both a standard cable and iphone-friendly one is great, since this means that these headphone from Beats will not break using older players which cannot handle the reworked connector which is needed for headphones. Great Beats Solo deals are available both online and offline.

Perhaps one major drawback in line with this product is the overpowering bass response. Unless you fancy listening to music with an extremely low-end or change the equalizer of your player to balance, the bass lines pounds on every other part of the output of Solo. But then again, do not forget the simple fact that these headphones are made to pound, and pound they do with flying colors at that! If you want to find the Beats Solo discounted in price, it would be best to shop online.

4. Sony MDR-XD200 Stereo Headphones

What customers love about the Sony MDR-XD200 Stereo Headphones is that they are both affordable and powerful. They have neodymium magnets and long-stroke 40mm drivers that emit powerful and detailed sounds. The amazing sound mode switch allows EQ adjustment whether you’ll be listening music or movies. They are also designed with urethane leather ear pads and split headband for extra comfort.

The Sony MDR-XD200 Stereo Headphones come with a 11.5-foot/3.5-meter oxygen-free copper cord and gold plating plug, and a 0.25-inch adapter. The best headphone 2015  has a great frequency response of 10 Hertz to 22 kiloHertz.

Top Elliptical Trainers in 2015 reviews

Due to the very hectic lifestyle that a lot of people lead these days, many do not have the luxury of time to head on out to a gym and workout. But then again, if you own an exercise machine at home, then it would be a whole lot easier for you to get a regular workout routine going. One excellent option when it comes to home exercise machines is the elliptical trainer. It is great since it is low impact, it will not eat up that much space in your home and, more importantly, it does not need electricity.

Body Champ BRM3671

There are many different elliptical trainers readily available in the market these days, but one that really stands out is the Body Champ BMR3671 Cardio Dual Trainer from Body Max.

Perhaps the best thing about the Body Champ BMR3671 is that you can use it either as an exercise bike or an elliptical trainer. This actually allows you to save even more space since you need just one particular machine in order to perform two activities. Switching from utilizing the bike to the elliptical is very simple. In order to do so, you only need to move your feet onto the other pedals, while either standing up or sitting down. The bike’s seat adjusts horizontally as well as vertically and hence can be modified to accommodate almost anyone. 250 lbs is the maximum weight that this product can hold. You can find the Body Champ BMR3671 for sale in many of local fitness equipment stores or online.

The 2-in-1 design of the Body Champ BMR3671 makes it excellent for beginner exercisers and/or overweight individuals since they can make use of the elliptical trainer and then take a seat on the bike in order to get some rest, but without ever needing to stop their workout – one particular reason behind the high Body Champ BMR3671 ratings.

The length of stride in the Body Champ BMR3671 is a bit shorter as compared to those that are on bigger machines, but this is not actually that much of an issue, and in case you are not really that tall, then you would most probably not notice this anyway.

The Body Champ BMR3671 also offers a great resistance range which starts from very easy to extremely hard; thus providing you with excellent workout variation. There are several stores online that actually offer the Body Champ BMR3671 discounted in price. The integrated LCD screen offers a number of preset workout programs that can help you out with your routine. It has a nifty heart rate monitor as well that works with the preset workouts to help keep you within the ideal heart rate territory to obtain the results that you desire.

The Body Champ BMR3671 Cardio Dual Trainer is a well-built and a quiet workout machine. It is lightweight and compact, ideal for small homes or apartments. Assembling it is also a breeze. All in all, if you want to have a sturdy, reliable and reasonably priced exercise machine for your home, then this is the one for you. Browse online now for excellent Body Champ BMR3671 deals!

Schwinn 420 Elliptical Trainer

If you’re looking for an affordable and well-constructed elliptical trainer for your exercise, then why not try the Schwinn 420? It comes with 8 workout programs, 16 resistance levels and a handgrip heart-rate monitor, but it lacks an adjustable incline, a feature that ensures healthy and comfortable slimming or just maintenance exercise programs. Most experts recommend this Schwinn 420 elliptical trainer because it is affordable when compared to other elliptical trainers, and since it is well-constructed, it is worth the price. It is sturdy and durable; designed to last long. With this elliptical trainer, you’re exercise routines and slimming programs will be dynamic and healthier. More information will be listed in detail in full best elliptical trainer reviews.

Precor EFX 5.33 Elliptical Trainer

Stability and efficiency are its greatest characteristics. This Precor EFX 5.33 Elliptical Trainer has never gone out of style. It boasts exceptional quality many work-out programs. The Precor EFX 5.33 elliptical trainer  is trusted even by experts since it has 10 workout programs, 20 levels of electromagnetic resistance, and wireless heart-rate monitors. This elliptical trainer may be pricey and heavy compared to other elliptical trainers but when you’re using it, you’ll feel that it is the best elliptical trainer 2015. It is stable and durable. It can last for a long time especially if kept in top condition. The Precor EFX 5.33’s design has a frame that is designed to tolerate even the strongest pressure.

Stainless Steel Cookware – Review

best stainless steel cookware

In spite of certain myths that revolve around cookware across the globe, stainless steel cookware stands out among all the varieties, in all aspects of cooking. Its virtues like resistance to corrosion and scratching, denting and non-reactive to acidic and alkaline foods, makes stainless steel the best choice for cooking. It is an all-purpose cookware due to many reasons. The stainless steel cookware comes in timeless designs to give outstanding performance, and they are highly durable. When it comes to cleaning, it can be cleaned with minimum care, very effortlessly.

The beginning:

The dawn of stainless steel has brought about a sea of changes in the choice of materials in food preparation, home appliances and in almost every commercial use of materials. At cooking temperature, stainless steel is attached to organic acids. Basically, stainless steel is an iron alloy it contains minimum 11.5% chromium, and stainless steel cookware contains chromium blend with either 10% nickel called 18/10 or 8% nickel called 18/8.

Stainless steel to stay forever:

Stainless steel cookware is resilient and lasts a lifetime. The best advantage is they never require particular care, and you can use them for any variety of cooking. There are grades of stainless steel used for cookware from 18/, 18/8 and 18/10. The first digit indicates the percentage of chromium used in it against the penny percentage of the second digit.

Steel containing 18/10 is considered the best for cooking purpose. This grade is heaviest and costliest, but is essentially the most durable of all the grades and gives your desired cooking results. Stainless steel containing no nickel i.e. the 18/ is preferred for cooking steamers and pasta.

Since stainless steel is a bad conductor of heat, it is a combination of steel and aluminum or copper core. If both the alloys i.e. nickel and copper are mixed to create a cookware, then it is an ideal cookware, as they help spread the heat more evenly. When heat is evenly delivered, the cookware responds favorably to changes in temperatures.

It is the heat transfer ability of the cookware that ensures best results. Stainless steel cookware brought into play makes all cooking properties nearly impossible to match or beat, and the aroma and taste of the food that is cooked in them totally fulfill all culinary requirements. When it comes to appearance, what could be more elegant and dignified than stainless steel? It is easy to maintain those looks, and they remain as perfect as on the first day of their use in your kitchen, even after decades of their regular use.

Steel cookware is an all-round purchase and is mostly preferred for home cooking and professional cooking as well, for three basic reasons namely, durability, taste presentation, and beauty. Although, the best grade is a little costlier, still its expenditure is worth it.

 Advantages of stainless steel cookware:

The advantage of stainless steel cookware is that it over shoot its disadvantages. Primarily, they are highly durable and with minimum care they never stain, chip or rust. It is also scratch and dent resistant. They preserve the flavor and keep the taste intact. With copper or aluminum base, stainless steel cookware ensures even cooking. It is dishwasher friendly, and it can go into the refrigerators and do so many other things.

They are shiningly dazzling in their looks, and their elegant looks can be preserved with minimum care to make them appear as good as on their first day of purchase, even after years of using. With gentle rubbing, they can be cleaned easily and after wiping their pristine condition can be brought back. Yet, one more advantage is that they are totally recyclable, and in this aspect, it makes those people happy who are concerned about wastage.


The main drawback about stainless is; it is relatively a poor heat conductor. It creates hot spots on the cooking surface of the steel container causing uneven cooking of the material in them. It does not spread the heat and due to this reason stainless steel cookware is made with cladding layers of aluminum or copper on one side or both sides of the steel cookware so that heat conducts across the container evenly. These disks of copper or aluminum created in the best stainless steel cookware at the base allow the heat to spread across. The best grade is little expensive but worth its purchase.

Stainless steel cookware – the unparallel in cooking:

After the introduction of non-stick cookware, people started shying away from using stainless steel cookware. It is only due to three basic factors, which also go in favor of stainless steel cookware. Some believe that non-stick products are healthier than steel. Steel contains iron, nickel or chromium and small quantities of these minerals in our food is beneficial to our health. People who are allergic to nickel can avoid using stainless steel.

Stainless steel has the most hygienic surfaces for the preparation of food, and it never allows bacteria and germs. Stainless steel cookware is made of at least five layers, which allow the heat to flow evenly and remain durable throughtout its use. Waterless cookware promotes healthy and tasty cooking, as they require a minimal quantity of water. Energy consumption for waterless cooking is another added factor, as they require low or medium heat to cook.

Buying tips:

Due to negative user reviews on Teflon and Non-stick cookware, stainless steel is again being looked at as the most favorable material for cooking. When it comes to choosing the best stainless steel cookware, following tips enable you to make the right choice.

  • Should have an aluminum or copper core, or both
  • Aluminum of copper should run up the sides of pans
  • Always go in for sets
  • A set usually includes skillets, covered saucepans, steamer, covered stock pot, covered sauté pan and some companies include Dutch oven, as well
  • Choose the best grade to last lifetime

Best stainless steel cookware – the no-problem cookware:

With some knowledge and unbiased feelings, cooking with stainless steel and maintaining them is not only a problem free option, but also money saving and healthy option. They are versatile, as they can be used for any kind of cooking. With some sponge and soap water, you can clean them to retain their originality. Therefore eat tasty and healthy food cooked in the best stainless steel cookware and with little effort clean them up and relax.